TMJ Treatments
The TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) is the complex joint that helps control all functional movements of the jaws.
Clicking sounds, popping of the jaws, limitations in your ability to open are just a few of the things that can be caused by TMJ dysfunction. Other signs of jaw disorders are more subtle and often overlooked.  Things like bite changes, loosening teeth, chipping of your teeth, broken or sore teeth can  be signs of a jaw problem. A thorough visual examination is important to determine the condition of the joints.
Dental x-rays help us to see
if there is a problem
with the growth or development
of the joint.
We can get this information
right here in our office.
After close evaluation of the x-ray and the examination your dentist will consider an MRI to determine if there is significant breakdown of the jaw structures themselves. An MRI like the one to the left can show us a dislocation of the TMJ and a displacement of the cartilage disc with damage happening in the joint.
Treatments are very individualized, and many patients can improve their condition
with oral appliances called splints,
bite adjustments, braces or restorations.

Others may require movements to segments of the jaws or joint surgery. 
Sometimes your doctor will use pain medications and anesthetics to help control pain.
Modern technology is helping us improve outcomes
for those suffering from joint problems like never before!

If you are suffering from jaw problems, we can help!

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