CONE BEAM CAT SCAN
This technology is now
available at the dental office!

CT scans  give us a
  better view of your jaws and teeth
 allowing us to
 plan and complete treatment
 more predictably
than ever before!
                                                      IMPLANT PLACEMENT
Implant placement

We can accurately see that you have enough bone,
where the sinus lies and see the nerves of the jaws.

This information makes implant placement better, quicker and
more predictable.
                                                       SLEEP APNEA
CT helps us see
so that we can help
diagnose sleep apnea
and help you get
                                                                  WISDOM TEETH

CT helps us locate
structures that make
wisdom tooth
removal easier, quicker and
more predictable
than ever before
                                                        TMJ DIAGNOSIS
Giving us insights into jaw problems in ways we never could, prior to this technology
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