Comfort Dentistry
Helping you
get your
dental care
with total comfort
Focused on your Comfort   
We will help you be completely comfortable.
We will discuss all of the options with you.
We will guarantee your comfort!

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
We can help you relax through care
by offering you nitrous oxide.
You can breathe easy through your visit
and relax through the procedure.
Ask us for details
Oral Sedatives
We can discuss prescribing a mild sedative that will help you relax before and during your dental visit.
Ask us for details

IV Sedation
We can help you
sleep through your visits
with IV sedation.
We are trained and ready
to help you remain comfortable
while you  have
complete dental care
Our Comfort Guarantee:
At Avon Dental Care, we promise that we will do everything that we can possibly do in our scope of practice to make your visits completely comfortable. If we are unable to guarantee your comfort here, we will help you find a dentist who is able to make you comfortable.

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